Lovestory Responsive Theme For Oxwall & Skadate

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Lovestory premium responsive theme for oxwall and dating by sprintally solutions ( )
Demo login : user : oxwall password : oxwall
Features :
# full responsive layout and UI .
# Ultimate landing page with sliders .
# Translatable texts on landing page and header .
# Fixed full height chat on desktop version
# Easy to change colors , images and texts . { we will also help with custom css code }
# footer social icons and app icons on landing page .
# landing page latest users section .
# Sticky Index page and we can configure it also for dashboard page on your request for free .
# Fixed sidebar with js scrollbar which support on all browsers .
# Vector icons and icon fonts for Unlimited resolutions without breaking quality .
# Google fonts for speed optimization and also for less server load .
# iconic console with user avatar .
# Animated Newsfeed on scroll .
# Unique user page , Video page , Group page , Event page .
# Designed for some Third party plugins eg:- profile cover plugin , membership plugin , profile snippet , Matchmaking plugin , Question plugin , Bookmarks plugin etc.
# full documentation included under main zip file

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Oxwall , Skadate



Compatible with

1.8.2, 1.8.3, 1.8.4

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