Do I Really Know How to Market My Website?

For those who regularly read my articles, you are probably wondering whether you should be taking my advice on certain matters.

I always preach about blogging, search engine optimization, and a whole host of other ways to market your website and your business.


It’s a valid question. After all, I always show you evidence and charts from other sources, but I never fully reveal the extent to which my business is doing due to online marketing. So let’s un-lift the veil and dig into how it is going with my efforts.


I have to come clean here and say that SEO marketing is the only form of online marketing I really do. Blogging and content marketing are just another form of SEO to me, but I will talk about each of these items individually, and break down how I used them to gain new customers.

Let’s have a look at how I am doing in the search engines.

I am in the top ten of Google for the following 11 keywords:

  • Arizona web design companies
  • SEO marketing services online
  • organic search engine optimization strategy
  • how long does SEO take
  • why write a blog
  • Phoenix web design company
  • Phoenix website design
  • Phoenix web design
  • Phoenix AZ web design
  • creating websites small businesses
  • why do I need a website

Here are some screenshots as proof.




To put it simply, as you can imagine, the effect has been overwhelmingly positive. Leads are pouring through my inbox, and I am fully booked with appointments with potential clients. But there is a serious downside as well.

I have been so busy that I have neglected my blog. I know what most of you will be thinking ‘who cares about your blog? You have tons of clients!’. That’s true, but my blog is the main reason for those clients. If I don’t keep my blogging up, then I will slowly but surely drop out of the search rankings.

There are ways around that though, and I shouldn’t be complaining about that. So the main question beckons – how?


I have written a lot of articles on how to market your website and if you have been following them closely, you will have a pretty good idea.

The role blogging has played into my search rankings

A lot of business owners like the thought of blogging, but never actually do it. It seems like only the web design and online marketing agencies are the ones following their own advice. Tons of content is created every day, but I guarantee that you can be a major player in your industry if you keep a regular blog.

Think about it. After a period of time, your website will have the answer to every possible question your potential customers could be asking. Which means that Google will connect curious customers to your content.

In a nutshell – that is all I did!

By going to the Google keyword tool and using Hittail I simply find out what people are searching for and I write content based around those keywords.

Here are a few examples:

  • Why Do I Need a Website? Here are 21 Reasons – targets ‘why do I need a website’ (200 searches)
  • 9 Things to Look for in a Phoenix Web Design Company – targets ‘Phoenix web design’ (880 searches)
  • Where Are All the Good Arizona Web Design Companies? – targets ‘Arizona web design companies’ (24 searches)

I have a total of more than 50 articles, and by the end of the year I will go over the 100 article threshold. So Google has more than 40,000 words to sift through on my website. It took a long time (8 months) but the return on investment is enormous.

The final nail in the coffin is the internal linking going on between all of those articles. I always have tons of links to other useful resources and relevant articles. Not to mention that in the footer of my website the keyword ‘Phoenix web design’ points to my home page from all of this premium content.

It all adds up over time. The more articles I write, the more Google is going to reward me. The cost of each article remains constant, but the return increases, there is an ever growing return on investment.


Not really. There are a lot of other things I do, but creating high quality, and unique content is the kill shot. Nothing comes close to content. Google’s entire existence is based on connecting users with content – the more you have the more Google is going to connect you.

You can create tons of business by just having a great blogging strategy. It is cheap, effective, and the best long term ROI on the internet.